Level switch

Level Switch FM1


  • Microwave level switch for media with 20% water content
  • Not influenced by foam or adhesions
  • Hygienic installation in accordance with EHEDG
  • Wetted parts compatible with FDA requirements
  • Potted electronics
  • Vibration resistant
  • LED indicator


The FM1 level switch also detects non-conductive media on the basis of high-frequency microwaves.  Foam and buildup remain undetected until the level  reaches  the  measuring  tip.  By  avoiding  hidden  edges  and  dead  spaces,  optimal  cleaning  and  maintenance  can  be  assured.  Various electrical connection options and a switch output enable easy integration.  The  ingress of  dust  and  water is reliably prevented by the protection class IP 67.

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  • Liquid media
  • Industrial water applications
  • Safety shutdowns
  • Hygiene applications