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With more than 60 years of experience, we offer know-how in pressure sensors, level sensors and temperature monitoring. With our broad product portfolio, you will find a high-quality measuring device for your specific application.
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Our modular principle allows us to configure the pressure sensor specifically for your application. From 40 product groups, we offer more than 20 million possible combinations. From hygienic applications to hazardous areas and marine applications, we provide the optimal solution.

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Can't find the right device in our product assortment? Or do you need advice for your specific application? Contact us, and together we will find a suitable solution or manufacture your individual measuring device in small series.

Scopes of application


Pressure and level monitoring are elementary components of plant monitoring and control across all industries. Liquid and gaseous media of all types are reliably measured. Nöding Messtechnik uses ceramic and metallic sensor elements to optimally adapt to the respective application.

Food industry

Special hygiene requirements and easy cleaning are the focus of this industry. Industry-specific process connections are often a core requirement. Nöding Messtechnik understands the requirements of this industry and offers hygienically designed devices that have been used in the food and beverage industry for decades.


Harsh operating conditions and a variety of different ship configurations require precise knowledge of the respective application. Nöding Messtechnik has its origins in shipping, knows the industry very well and has been supplying dealers and shipping companies with pressure sensors and level sensors for ballast water tanks, fresh water tanks, oil tanks and much more for decades.

Machinery and plant engineering

From standard applications to specially adapted OEM solutions, Nöding Messtechnik supplies the most diverse areas of mechanical and plant engineering. The quantities of the customers range from 1-10,000 devices per year. We are very familiar with industry-specific conditions, due to our close customer contact.

Water / waste water

The water and wastewater management sectors require pressure and level sensors specially adapted to their needs. In water treatment and wastewater, the sensors frequently come into contact with a variety of different media. Nöding Messtechnik supplies sensors specially developed for these applications for optimal process reliability.

Oil and fuel

Oils and fuels have increased creep properties. In addition, the chemical resistance of the parts in contact with the media is the focus of these applications. Nöding Messtechnik supplies the industry with pressure transmitters and level transmitters specially designed to meet the requirements, in order to ensure a consistently high level of process reliability. ATEX approvals guarantee safe operation.


In this industry, chemical resistance is the focus of the applications and thus the right selection of the parts that come into contact with the media. A modular principle enables the customised combination of materials such as stainless steel, special elastomer seals and chemically resistant plastics. ATEX approvals guarantee use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

System supplier / intermediary

We maintain a very close partnership with our intermediaries and system suppliers, who are active in a wide range of industries. We are happy to work with you to find the right solution for your end customer. Short delivery times and fast support response times are a matter of course. Contact us!

Pressure sensors, level sensors and temperature measurement instruments since 1958

The company Nöding Messtechnik was founded by Gustav Nöding and focused initially on commercializing revolution counters and gauges with electrical contacts. In-house design and production of temperature instruments and controllers, transmitters and isolation amplifiers was introduced as a natural development of the company.

In 1987 Ralf Noeding took over from his father and the company was converted into Noeding Messtechnik GmbH, a limited liability company.

In the last decade, the markets have shown an ever-increasing demand for pressure measurement. As a logical consequence, Nöding Messtechnik specialized in the design and production of pressure transmitters. In 2001 the company relocated to a new facility, where today substantial quantities of transmitters are being produced for OEMs, end users, retailers etc..

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