Six decades of Nöding Messtechnik since 1958

The company Nöding Messtechnik was founded in 1958 by Gustav Nöding and focused initially on commercializing revolution counters and gauges with electrical contacts. In-house design and production of temperature instruments and controllers, transmitters and isolation amplifiers was introduced as a natural development of the company.

In 1987 Ralf Noeding took over from his father and the company was converted into Noeding Messtechnik GmbH, a limited liability company.

The markets showed in the last decades an ever increasing requirement for pressure measurement. As a logical consequence, Noeding Messtechnik specialized in the design and production of pressure transmitters. In 2001 the company relocated to a new facility, where today substantial quantities of transmitters are being produced for OEMs, end users, retailers etc.

Since 2009, the day-to-day business has been successively handed over to Timo Nöding, the third generation of the family. The focus is on a close relationship with our customers and suppliers, as well as on a high level of vertical integration, which guarantees flexibility for our customers.


Commissioning of a CNC truning machine to increase flexibility and prevent delivery bottlenecks. Production is carried out on a lathe-turret with up to 24 powered tools to enable turning and milling work in one cycle. Thanks to the bar loader and the counter spindle, the workpiece is automatically produced in one operation.


Building extension - increase of the production area by 1,000 m².


Development of the differential pressure transmitter PD40/PD41 which allows high system pressures up to 250 bar even with smallest measuring ranges of 50 mbar.


The founder's grandson, Timo Nöding, joins the company and takes over the management of production.


New construction of the current production site in the industrial area in Hamburg Rahlstedt.


Development of the first level transmitter. This advanced development of screw-in sensors made it possible to keep sensors permanently in the medium. Filling levels can be measured reliably at the bottom of the tank without major installation effort.


Development of the first electronic pressure transmitter. The increasing demand for electronic pressure transmitters quickly leads to the first serial production.


Since the start of production, the electronics have also been manufactured in-house. The resulting flexibility is to this day the key to fast responsiveness in delivery and product changes. In 1991, the conversion to SMD manufacturing took place in order to be able to manufacture ever smaller products and as a prerequisite for automated assembly.


Renaming to Nöding Meßtechnik GmbH and the takeover of the company by the son of the founder, Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Nöding.


Development and production of the first proprietary devices for temperature monitoring in plants.


Founding of the company by Gustav Nöding.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and can only be ensured with a fully functioning quality management system.

We practice quality management each and every day in order to ensure consistently high quality. All areas of our company are audited several times a year in order to identify potential for improvement early on. Once a year we are externally audited according to the ISO 9001 standard and the currently valid ATEX directive.