Junction box KG 1


  • Pressure equalization with protection class IP67 using GORE-TEX® filter
  • Enables extension of the slevel transmitter cable
  • Integrated terminal strip
  • M16x1,5 Cable glands
  • Optionally with M12 circular connector ​(male


A  fine  air  capillary  runs  through the  entire  cable of a  level  transmitter;  this  capillary  ensures  pressure  equalization and forms the  basis of every relative pressure measurement. If pressure can no longer be equalized because the filter at the end of the cable is clogged or water has penetrated the capillary, incorrect measurements will be generated.  The KG1 junction box offers the best possible protection against external influences.  The  strands  of  the  sensor are  laid on and can be  continued  as  desired.  Pressure  equalization now  takes place via a  GORE-TEX® filter with protection class IP 67.

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Suitable for all level transmitters and pressure transmitters with cable outlet