Level transmitter

Level Transmitter P137


  • Cost optimized for standard applications
  • 22 mm Ø ideal for 1" pipes
  • Smallest measuring range: 0…250 mbar / 0…2,5 mH2O
  • Largest measuring range: 0…20 bar / 0…200 mH2O
  • Negative pressure measuring range: up to -1 bar
  • Accuracy ≤ 0,5%
  • Analog output: 4…20 mA, 2-wires
                              0…10 V, 3-wires
                              0...5 V, 3-wires
                              0,5...4,5 V, ratiometric
  • Optionally integrated PT100 / PT1000 Sensor for temperature measurement


The  P137 model is an application- and cost-optimized  level  transmitter,  especially suitable as an  OEM  component.  The  screw  cap  simplifies handling and installation.  It  remains  mounted during  operation and protects the  membrane from contaminants in the  medium.  The  ceramic sensor operates according to the  piezoresistive  principle and in  combination  with  the  stainless  steel  housing forms a robust and slim probe.  Our modular  design concept provides a  wide  variety of  products.  Feel  free to  contact us if you need a customization  that is not  listed in this datasheet. 

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  • Gaseous media
  • Water
  • Waste water
  • Oil and fuel
  • Aggressive media